D Groups

Discipleship groups provide an opportunity for you to grow in the practices of worship, proclamation (learning), community, prayer and mission.  

Discipleship groups are small, with 3-5 members and are gender specific (male and female groups).  Traditional groups meet weekly and Hybrid groups meet every other week (alternating with their Community group).  

Discipleship group leaders make a commitment to invest in you and prepare weekly.  Members sign a covenant agreeing, for example, to be present each week and to complete all assignments to the best of their ability.  Leaders and group members agree to be a part of their group for 9 months – starting in September- ending in April (time off in December).

Curriculum used is selected by the group leader and approved by session.  Regardless of the curriculum used, the following components are essential: Truth (God’s word), Equipping (application questions), Accountability, Mission and Supplication (Prayer).

If you have questions please contact rick@midtownchurchindy.org.