Discover midtown

Discover Midtown provides an opportunity for anyone interested in Christianity or Midtown Church to learn about the mission, vision, and values of the church. After reviewing the core beliefs of evangelical Christianity, participants will learn about the convictions of the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) and the distinctions and commitments that make Midtown Church unique. The class is team taught by the elders and staff, providing an opportunity for everyone to get to know one another better.  Upon completion of the course, participants will have the opportunity to become a member of Midtown Church. This class is offered three to four times a year on a Saturday morning.

The next Discover Midtown will be on Saturday, February 10th from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.


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Contact Corey Smith for more information.

Why church membership

At Midtown Church, we recognize the need for formal membership. We believe it is important for four reasons.


Christ is committed to the church. Ephesians 5:25 states, "Christ loved the church and gave His life for her." Membership in a local church is an important step in demonstrating our commitment to Christ.


We live in an age where very few want to be committed to anything...a job, a marriage or family. This attitude has produced a generation of "church hoppers and shoppers." Membership swims against the current of America's consumer mentality and is an antidote to society. Membership sets us apart from the culture, allowing us to preserve our distinctive Christian beliefs and values.


Membership identifies our community and family. It defines who can be entrusted with positions of leadership within the church.


Membership produces spiritual growth. The New Testament places a major emphasis on the need for Christians to be accountable to each other for spiritual growth. A person cannot be accountable when they are not committed to any specific church family.  We desire to belong to the body of Christ, to connect and grow together, to be a part of God's bigger plan for our lives.

As you visit our church, we pray that you will consider all the benefits and privileges of membership to a local community of believers. Our prayer is that you will join us in our commitment to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ.

Adapted from Perimeter Church