Midtown Adult Education

The purpose of Midtown Adult Ed is to equip and build-up Christ's Body for the work of ministry, the unity of the faith, and maturity in Christ in order to promote missional discipleship, deepen authentic community, and enhance cultural renewal. Adult Ed classes typically run for 8 weeks in the spring and fall.

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Summer Book Club 2022:

Connecting Your Work to God’s Work

In our current culture — in which deep reading has been replaced by digital scrolling, and charitable discussion has been replaced by cancel culture’s condemning diatribes, — reading well and reading together is a matter of Christian discipleship.

As English professor Karen Swallow Prior has noted, “Long before the printing press and widespread literacy, God was cultivating a relationship with his chosen people focused on the written word.” God’s plan was for his people to read because the Christian faith centers on words — the Word of God revealed in the Holy Scriptures and in his incarnate Son (John 1:1, 14; Hebrews 1:1-3). 

Our first priority is to become good readers of God’s Word — in both private devotion and in public worship. Yet, becoming good readers is useless unless the truth of God's Word makes us godly neighbors in this world. We do not aim to become good readers in order to boast in our literacy, but in order to live Christianly in our culture and society.

To that end, I invite you to our Summer Book Club, where we will read Part 1 of Tim Keller’s book entitled Every Good Endeavor: Connecting Your Work to God's Work. In this book, Keller helps us discover God’s design for work, delight in the dignity of our work, and develop a Christian understanding of our everyday work. Keller helps us see that our work is just as much a part of our worship of God as Sunday sermons and singing. Together, we will consider how God’s plan for work opens up many opportunities to serve our city and our neighbors instead of simply using our work to serve ourselves.

Our neighbors need us to become good readers — and good workers! As we learn to read Scripture, we are shaped into a people who can serve society with the love and truth of Christ. This summer, let’s read together, and ask God to shape us not only into a people who know truth, but those who also love it and live it in our everyday endeavors.

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— Pastor Rick