Midtown Adult Education

The purpose of Midtown Adult Ed is to equip and build-up Christ's Body for the work of ministry, the unity of the faith, and maturity in Christ in order to promote missional discipleship, deepen authentic community, and enhance cultural renewal. Adult Ed classes typically run for 8 weeks in the spring and fall.

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Adult Education

Discipleship in The Digital Age

Winter 2023

The digital age is in the business of capturing and commodifying our attention. “The technologies of our day are determined to keep us scrolling and swiping at all costs,” says Jay Kim. “Blind to the dangers, we enjoy its temporary pleasures, unaware of the damage to our souls.” 

While the skyrocketing statistics on loneliness, sleep loss, anxiety, depression, pornography, and cyberbullying demonstrate that we have not been able to moderate our use of digital devices towards overall well-being, this class will go beyond addressing our digital lives with temporary digital detoxes. Rather than supplying a set of rules for resisting digital distraction, we will discern how our digital age promises what only deep discipleship with Christ and his Church can deliver. 

  • How is the digital age affecting our life together as a church? 
  • How do our digital habits affect how we think of God, ourselves, and others?
  • How is the digital ecology shaping what we love and value?
  • How can we be transformed by Christ rather than conformed to our device?

Everyday we are being discipled by something or someone towards some worldview or other (Romans 12:1-2). The question isn’t whether you’re being discipled by technology, but how and for what purpose. 

Details: Sundays @ 8:45am in the Ministry House (for 8 weeks, from January 29 til March 19)

Leader: Rick Whitlock (rick@midtownchurchindy.org)

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