Theology of PLace

It is important for us to study a theology of place: we must consider how God calls his people to be a faithful presence in the particular places he puts them. How is God calling us to work out our general calling to be his faithful people in our particular place (Broad Ripple) at this particular time (21st Century America) with our particular assets (our church building, homes, neighborhoods, bank accounts, work, etc.)?

This is an invitation to do some theological reflection as a local church community. Please watch these two short teaching videos on "theology of place" so we can learn together more of what this is and what it means for us. We encourage you to discuss the teachings in your Community Groups, around your dinner tables, and even with your neighbors. There are handouts that accompany each video to help further your discussions.

Join us on Friday, November 6th at 7:00 pm for a town-hall style meeting so that Staff and Session can hear your thoughts on how we can - with this particular church building, on this particular plot of land, in this particular city neighborhood - use what we have for the common good of those around.

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Handout for Video #1

Handout for Video #2