Faith and Work Seminar
Fri, Dec 2nd 7pm - 9pm
Midtown Church 5610 Broadway St Indianapolis, IN 46220

For many people, the difficulties and demands of their work make work seem like a punishment -- a necessary evil that must be tolerated and endured to make ends meet. However, the Bible shows us that work isn't evil but good, a a sphere of life necessary for human flourishing. If work is good, why are our efforts and labors in this world so often frustrated? The Bible says that, while work is not a punishment, it is under the power and penalty of sin. Work isn't a curse, but it is cursed. This means work will create some flourishing, but also some suffering. How can we address the pains, problems, and pressures of work with gospel hope? Join us on December 2, 2022 from 7:00-9:00pm at Midtown Church as we address this question with a biblical theology of work. We will discuss the biblical foundations that provide us with a framework that helps us account for the problems we face in our work and that generates hope for patient endurance within our work.