Weekly Resources

This is a guide to study passages that follow along with the sermon from the previous Sunday. Sermon discussion questions are also included.


03.05.18 - 03.11.18

M: Psalm 119:49-56

TPsalm 119:57-64

WPsalm 119:65-72

TPsalm 119:73-80

FPsalm 119:81-88

S: Psalm 119:89-96

  • ADORATION - Praise the Father for His attributes and actions
  • CONFESSION - Confess your sinfulness and acknowledge your sins
  • THANKSGIVING - Thank Jesus for his salvation (past, present, future)
  • SUPPLICATION - Ask the Spirit to transform you in particular ways


Read Exodus 20:4-6

Break up into groups of 2-3 and pray:

  • Is there a life circumstance you need prayer for?
  • Is there a ministry need you need prayer for?
  • Is there a heart issue you need prayer for?