Weekly Resources

This is a simple guide to study passages that follow along with the sermon for personal worship. The purpose is to get to know God more by spending daily time with Him. 

Personal Worship

September 25-29

M: Matthew 5:1-4

TMatthew 5:5-6

WMatthew 5:7-8

T: Matthew 5:9-10

FMatthew 5:11-12

1. What is this passage teaching (first to the original audience then to me)?

2. How does this ultimately point to the person and work of Jesus Christ?

3. How does this apply to me (in my particular situation)?


1. Read Matthew 5:3-16. Review key thoughts from the sermon and the text for a few minutes.

2. More questions to come by the end of today...

Break up into groups of 2-3 for prayer (maybe 15 minutes or more):

  • Is there a life circumstance you need prayer for?
  • Is there a ministry need you need prayer for?
  • Is there a heart issue you need prayer for?