Weekly Resources

This is a guide to study passages that follow along with the sermon from the previous Sunday. Sermon discussion questions are also included for personal or group discussions.


January 15th –  20th

M: Acts 2:42-43

TActs 2:44-45

WActs 2:46-47

THebrews 10:24-25

FRomans 12:9-10

SJohn 13:34-35

  • What is this passage teaching (first to the original audience then to me)?
  • How does this ultimately point to the person and work of Jesus Christ?
  • How does this apply to me (in my particular situation)?
  • What would I lose if I didn’t believe this?   


Read Acts 2:40-47

1. Martin Luther King Jr. had a compelling vision for a new community. He said, “Our goal is to create a beloved community and this will require a qualitative change in our souls as well as a quantitative change in our lives” (Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.). Discuss his hope for humanity and the church. How is the church a "beloved community?" How could it grow into this vision?

2. In the sermon, fellowship was simply defined as "togetherness." Acts 2:44 and 46 say they were together. They met together not only in the temple but also in their homes. What are we to take away from this historical experience of the early church? How does it apply to today? 

3. The reason for Christianity's success can be attributed to its absolute inclusiveness. Christianity, unlike other pagan religions, could cross cultures and appeal to the Jew, Gentile, and barbarian. It also appealed to the lowly and uneducated, and its teaching was so simple that even children could understand. This teaching is rooted in the uniqueness of Jesus - he came to die for all people, the low and the high, men and women, black and white, blue-collar and rich. This kind of inclusivity is what the world is crying out for. What unique role may the church play in bringing hope to the world? What role might you play?

4. How can we experience true fellowship? We said it comes through giving (not just to get, although true fellowship is reciprocal). We will have fellowship only when we make it a practice to reach out to others and give something of ours. Share why you agree or disagree? How do you want to give something of yourself this year?

Break up into groups of 2-3 and pray:

  • Is there a life circumstance you need prayer for?
  • Is there a ministry need you need prayer for?
  • Is there a heart issue you need prayer for?