midtown youth group

The youth at Midtown Church are a vital part of our church family. Midtown Youth Group (MYG) ages range from 7-12 and meets twice a month. Our goals are to create a safe environment for fellowship and community (there is one male and female adult leader with the group at all times). We start with an ice breaking mixer followed by worship, scripture and prayer.

We are currently working through the A.C.T.S (Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication) model of prayer using the Westminster Shorter Catechism as a guide for discussion.  We have had two socials this year and even Dove Award nominee, Stephan Sharp, performed special music for one of our meetings.

"We often underestimate what our kids are capable of comprehending. My hope is to strengthen fundamental doctrine in the understanding of God for these kids." - Harold Lee, MYG Leader

Contact Harold for more information - huibae@gmail.com