Midtown Adult Education

The purpose of Midtown Adult Ed is to equip and build up Christ’s Body for the work of ministry, the unity of the faith, and maturity in Christ in order to promote missional discipleship, deepen authentic community, and enhance cultural renewal.

Time:  Adult Ed runs from 10:30-11:20am

Location:  The ministry house across the church parking lot.

Who:  You!  Everyone is welcome to attend!  No sign up is necessary.

If you need childcare, please let your teacher know your child will be staying through Adult Ed. 


Classes and topics at Midtown Adult Ed change on a regular basis.  

Please see below for links to Adult Ed audio files and information about each topic.

  • Jan - March 2018

    Racial inequality.  The Sexual Revolution.  The Age of Social Media.  Political correctness.  Today's society has become increasingly hostile to the truths and values of the Gospel.  The Scriptures have much to say to us about these hot topics of today's culture, both to engage our society and also to engage our own hearts.  This series will be an overview of many of the most pertinent and challenging topics of our day, leading us to knowledge of truth and to engaging our neighbors in love.  Various teachers.  

    Click here for audio. 

  • Nov-Dec 2017

    Does the Bible tell one single story?  How does the Old fit with the New?  Join us as we explore the presence of Jesus in the Old Testament.  This 7-week series will address how Jesus can be seen in the OT law, prophets, creation, and elsewhere, and why that matters for how we approach the scriptures today.  Harold Lee and Josh Carter will serve as teachers for this foundational topic.

    Click here for audio.

  • Sept-Oct 2017

    This 8-week study investigates how the truths of the Gospel apply to every aspect of our lives.  We will look at the impact of the Gospel on our hearts, on our idols, on our city, our mission, and much more.  Bruce Cooley and Josh Carter will lead this discussion using material from Redeemer Church PCA in NYC.  

    Click here for audio.